Saturday, February 15, 2014

Still, after 20+ years, the nutrient dense diet rules, and the SAD destroys!

This week I'm off to teach Holistic Nutrition at a local High School.  WOW, I can't believe that in 20 years, nothing has changed!  It is unbelievable to see the poor quality foods that the kids eat.  I teach over the lunch hour in a classroom by the cafeteria so I have to walk past the plates of fries and burgers on my route.   Here I am telling the kids about healthy food choices and choosing low insulin potential foods while the smell of fried foods lingers in the air.    I gave an example of myself in high school.  Our school's cafeteria used to make chocolate chip muffins that were baked fresh daily.  I used to get one almost every day because I left the house too late and didn't make time for breakfast.   I think everyday I could have fallen asleep in second period because of the sugar crash.   I am so grateful for my journey in nutrition because it has made me and my family so aware of how our food choices effect our mood and our health.  I am so disappointed that kids are not receiving this education.   In twenty years, nothing has changed except that there are a lot more chemicals in the foods. 

I heard Darren Hardy (owner of Success Magazine) speak for the first time this past August.  He said something I will never forget...  "There is so much junk food and crap out their. Yes.  BUT, WE DECIDE WHAT WE PUT IN OUR PIEHOLE!"  He couldn't have worded this better.  There is a lot of terrible, GMO, MSG, chemically processed food mimicker's available, but we ultimately make the choice!  We have to stop focusing on what we can't eat and look at what we can!!!  The SAD (Standard American Diet) has way too many high insulin potential foods and we have to dig deep and look at who is funding these guides?  Take your health into your own hands and look at how many diseases are on the rise compared to 50+ years ago.  Do you think it has anything to do with how many processed foods are now available?  Take a class, read a book or download Food Matters!  You are worth it!